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engagement on your site.

Add Bible - it's super-easy!

Connect people to the Word by auto-tagging all the Bible references on your site, embedding beautiful Bible artwork, and even embedding a working, scrolling Bible.


Reftagger automatically converts all the Bible references on a web page (like John 3:16, or Eph 2:8-9) into links with hover-preview. Users can choose to click through to

Verse of the Day

A widget that shows an artist-designed Bible verse every day. Each day's verse is carefully chosen, and you can customize the style.

Embedded Bible

The Embedded Bible lets you place a scrollable Bible on your own web page. You can control the size, version and verse to open to. Users who sign into will have even more choices of Bible version.

APIs for Custom Development

Use a Bible API or a Christian social network API.

Biblia API

The API provides Web, mobile, and desktop applications with access to Bible text through web services.

Faithlife API

Faithlife is a social tool for Christian groups. Users join groups instead of creating one-to-one friend relationships. The Faithlife API allows you to offer all the functionality of Faithlife through your own user interface.

Christian Web Tools provided by Faithlife / Logos Bible Software.

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